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Heritage Coast Sail Days May21st thru June 19th

Step into another world when you step on board. You’ll hear the waves on the hull as you slice through beautiful Tawas Bay powered only by the wind as you relax and enjoy the gorgeous views. Heritage Coast Sail Days offers many types of sails throughout the day and evening to provide you with the sailing experience you've only ever dreamed about.  Choose from cruises that allow you to learn, participate, paint, team build or just put your feet up and relax.


About Sail Days

Bay Sail of Bay City is proud to bring their two tall ships to sail on Tawas Bay for an expanded program this summer. The Appledore V schooner will be in Tawas from May 21 through June 11 and the larger Appledore IV will be in Tawas from June 10 through June 19.​

Both the Appledore IV and V are steel hulled Gaff rigged schooners - the kind of ship that sailed on the Great Lakes right up to the end of the age of sail. Schooners were the workhorses of their era, transporting goods and passengers.​

The Heritage Coast Sail Days team hopes that you will tell all your friends and family about the exciting opportunity to sail on an historic vessel and enjoy our gorgeous bay from a different perspective. â€‹

Bay Sail's local partner is Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing. For more information on their organization and goals of encouraging sailing, rowing, and the recreational use of our lake, all while preserving historic regional boat designs,  plus information about the upcoming Mackinaw Boat Symposium June 9th at the Community Center and the upcoming Regatta on Tawas Bay June 10th please visit their website at:

Science Under Sail

Experience interactive learning opportunities from the deck of a tall ship. We offer customized educational programs for K-12th grade students that is typically a four hour session split into two 2-hour segments (two hours onboard the Appledore and a two hour Lighthouse program at the Tawas State Park.




Promoting community boat building, sailing and

rowing along the Heritage Coast of Michigan

Second Annual


Mackinaw boat Symposium

June 9, 2017

East Tawas Community Center, 760 Newman Street, East Tawas Michigan


Join us for a discussion of the history and current status of the Mackinaw boat. Mackinaws were the workhorse small craft of the Great Lakes in the 1800's and early 1900s.


Morning Session: Old Boats and New Boats 10:00 to 12:30

> The SERANG: Recently discovered Western Lakes Mackinaw Boat:(cerca 1915)

Photo and video presentation by Mark Hawkins of Hands on Deck, Green Bay.

> Mackinaw boats Under Construction or on the drawing board

> Bob Schafer’s Western Lakes boat, Mackinaw Boat Challenge of Seaports Great Lakes

> Ken Bowen’s Strip Plank Western Lakes boat

> Richard Pierce or Dave Wentworth H C S & R’s planned boat

> H-23s under construction

> Other old and new Mackinaw boats. If you have a Mackinaw, please bring it or photos.


Box Lunch Meet and Greet: On Site 12:30 to 1:30


Afternoon Session: Mackinaw Boat History 1:30 to 4:30

Pat Labadie, The Mackinaw boat’s place in Great Lakes historical overview. The types and starting point.

Hawk Tolson, The Mackinaw boat as a workboat in transition in the Isle Royale fishery and it's role as a "vernacular" (evolved to meet the requirements of a specific locale)

Rodger Swanson, The Mackinaw boat's evolution/resurrection and its role in the Great Lakes maritime scene today.


Dinner: Barnacle Bill’s Back Room: cash menu and bar 5:30 to 7:00


Cruise on Appledore V capacity 20: refreshments  7:30 to 9:30


Costs: Morning Session, Lunch and Afternoon sessions: $25.00

Dinner: Cash menu and bar

Appledore Cruise: $35.00


The Annual Mackinaw Boat Symposium is alternately sponsored by Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing of Tawas City, Michigan and Hands on Deck of Green Bay, Wisconsin.


Reservation requested. :Dale Flowney:



The Symposium is part of Heritage Coast Sail Days, celebrating our Great Lakes Maritime history. BaySail’s Appledore schooners will be here to join in the celebration (5/21 to 6/21). There is a Traditional Craft Sailing and Rowing Regatta on June 10, 2017, Bring your boat and race.


Post Office Box 221 × Tawas City, MI 48764-0221

989-460-2642 ×






Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing, Inc.

Tawas Bay Traditional Sailing and Rowing Craft Regatta

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Race Announcement


A regatta for Traditional Craft is being conducted on Tawas Bay on June 10, 2017.


BOATS:  These races are conducted for traditional rowing and sailing boats. Such boats are defined as fixed-seat, rowing and/or sailing boats that are constructed primarily of wood and are of historic design.


Heritage-23's: H-23's are Mackinaw boats and are the host organization’s primary boat for the races.  Heritage-23's, rigged for rowing, require four sweep rowers and a coxswain.  When rigged for sailing, a crew of three is required. These boats must comply with race standards for weight and design.


All competing boats must have USCG required safety gear plus a VHF radio and be able to pass a USCG safety inspection. 


RACES: There are 3 different races. 

Taylors Race-Against-the-Clock Challenge: You bring the crew; we provide the boat.  The race is an individual time trial style row of approximately 1,000 yards in an H-23.  In this event, Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing (HCS&R) will provide the boats for guest and local crews.  There will be an H-23 available for practice runs for registered teams beginning on May 26, 2017.  Contact us for available times.  This is an open event with no crew classification by age or gender.  Race crews must have made a practice run in one of the primary event boats prior to racing.  First start:  9:00 am on Saturday, June 10th.  The participation of other designs will help develop the handicap formula.  The fastest crew advances to the Tawas Bay Dash.  At least two (2) runs will be reserved for scramble crews made up of individual rowers who aren’t part of a competing crew. Scramble rowers should contact HCS&R for practice information(989-460-2642). A $500 donation will be made to the 501 c 3 organization in one of the Heritage Route counties chosen or to a 501 c 3 dedicated to preserving traditional craft and their history.  Crews utilizing amateur athletes are responsible for determining the impact of a prize race on amateur status.


Tawas Bay Dash: Bring your boat and crew. The dash is a handicapped race

open to any traditional, fixed-seat, rowing boats that are constructed primarily of wood.  Handicap ratings will be determined by boat weight, length, number of rowers, sweep or scull rowing, and, perhaps, other characteristics.  The formula will be distributed by request.


Tawas Bay Traditional Craft Sailing Race: Bring your sail boat and crew. A handicapped race will be held for traditional sailing boats that are constructed primarily of wood.  Handicap ratings will be determined by boat weight, length, and, perhaps, other characteristics.  We are currently working on a handicapping method. When complete, the formula will be distributed by request. The race will utilize a reach-out/reach-in or a windward/leeward format with a Bermudian start (sails up, anchored at start line).


LOCATION:  East Tawas City Park, Lake Street (US-23), East Tawas, Michigan (Just west of the East Tawas State Dock and Campground) Visiting boats should launch at the DNR Ramp just east of the State Dock and call HCS&R on Channel 78 for a tow to the race site. Should weather require the use of an alternate site, it will be posted on the HCS&R website and communicated to all registered entrants by phone to the number provided on the entry form.


AWARDS:    A traveling First Place award will be presented for each race. A $500 donation will be made to the 501 c 3 organization in a Heritage Route county chosen by the winning crew of Taylor’s Race Against the Clock.


ENTRIES:   Each crew must complete a Crew Registration Form( and pay the appropriate fee.  Each participant must complete and sign a Crew Member Registration Form and Release of Liability. For those under the age of 18, the signature of a parent or guardian is required.  Release of Liability and Parental Consent agreements are found in the Entry Forms packet on the website. Please include the completed individual Crew Member Registration/Release of Liability forms with the Crew Registration Form.  Because of time and boat limitations, entries may be limited.  Entries received by mail will be accepted until noon on June 9, 2017.  Please register by mail.  Crews bringing other traditional boats can register until 8:00 a.m. on race day. 


For additional race information and forms visit

Phone: 989-460-2642.


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