Arenac County Local Results

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Sheriff Votes  
Duane Hadley (R) 766  
James Mosciski (R) 1948  
Dan Snyder (R) 561  
Clerk Votes  
Sherlyn Burkhardt (R) 950  
Holly Hudson (R) 682  
Nancy Selle (R) 1375  
County Commissioner District 5 Votes  
John Hergott (R) 261  
Jaquob Little John 239  
County Wide Issues    
Transportation Millage Yes No
  2657 1821
Ambulance Service Yes No
  3318 1821
Sheriff Road Patrol Millage Renewal Yes No
  3141 1349
Senior Services Millage Renewal Yes No
  3362 1116
AuGres Sims School District Operating Millage Yes No
  690 629
Township Races & Proposals    
AuGres Township Road Improvement Millage Yes No
  230 110
AuGres Township Mosquito Control Millage Renewal Yes No
  281 63
AuGres Township  Road Ditching/Weed Suppresion Renewal Millage Yes No 
  223 116
Clayton Township Trustee Votes  
Sandra Bowman (NA) 52  
Victor Daniels (R) 100  
Billy Daniels (R) 72  
Moffatt Township Treasurer Votes  
Allison Chmielewski (R) 81  
Kevin Kaczmarek (R) 265  
Moffatt Township Trustee Votes  
Lee Chard (R) 186  
Leonard Mezey Jr. (R) 155  
Ron Vittitow (R) 128  
Standish Township Trustee Votes  
Ryan Klenk (R) 155  
Roberta Lynch (R) 134  
Wayne Reetz (R) 85  
Turner Township Fire Millage Renewal Yes No 
  116 49
Whitney Township Supervisor Votes  
Donald Becker (R) 143  
Serge Boulet (R) 151  
Whitney Township Road Improvement Millage Renewal Yes No
  220 149


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