Election Huron County Results





Huron County Local Results



County Issues    
Harbor Beach School Millage Yes No
  713 341
Unionville Sebewing School Millage Yes No
   459 318
Township Races & Proposals    
Caseville Township Trustee Votes  
Laurie Marrocco (R)  317  
Jerry Platko (R)  272  
Colfax Township Supervisor Votes  
Douglas Gentner (R)  185  
Mike Smalley (R)  109  
Dwight Township Trustee Votes  
Michael Horn (R)  84  
Mark Sosnoski (R)  72  
Fairhaven Township Supervisor Votes  
Joel Bolzman (R)  31  
Brandon Swartzendruber (R)  80  
Eric Thick (R)  58  
Huron Township Operating Millage Yes No
Huron Township Parks Millage Renewal  Yes No
Huron Township Fire Improvements Millage  Yes No
Meade Township Clerk Votes  
Melissa Periso (R)  131  
AJ Rathje (R)  17  
Brenda VanBrande (R)  69  
Meade Township Trustee (Top 2) Votes  
Paul Holz (R)  99  
Gregory Krozek (R)  126  
John Osentoski (R)  117  
Port Austin Township Trustee (Top 2)  Votes  
Ray Boswell (R) 206  
Scott Kasper (R) 178  
Louis Schillinger (R)  218  
Rubicon Township Trustee Votes  
Daniel Bischer (R) 130  
Brian Scholtz (R)  129  
Sebewaing Township Treasurer Votes  
Judy Gregory (R)  413  
Amy Haag (R)  140  



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