Ogemaw County Local Results


Sheriff Votes  
Glenn Gutierrez (R) 2065  
Brian Gilbert (R) 3135  
Clerk Votes  
Breck Brindley (R) 3695  
Howie Hanft (R) 1488  
Commissioner District #1 Votes  
Craig Scott (R) 537  
Dennis Stephens (R) 276  
Rob Pecknyo (R) 391  
County Wide Issues Yes No
Public Transit Millage 2939 2603
Library Millage Renewal 633 506
Township Races & Proposals    
Churchill Township Trustee Votes  
James Quigley (R) 289  
Larry Lauria (R) 199  
Robin Pizzala (R) 127  
Churchill Township Gypsy Moth Millage Yes No
  433 142
Cumming Township Supervisor Votes  
Ron Quackenbush (R) 140  
Danny Morrison (R) 135  
Cumming Township Treasurer Votes  
Shari Denstedt (R) 135  
Patricia Jaye Robinson (R) 132  
Cumming Township Clerk Votes  
Janice Fritz (R) 134  
Robert Barber (R) 139  
Cumming Township Trustee Votes  
Leticia Butler (R) 116  
Bill Healey (R) 122  
Reid Kelly Morrison (R) 120  
Janice Thompson (R) 121  
Edwards Township Trustee Votes  
Robert Kowalski (R) 135  
Todd Johnson (R) 154  
Mark Lehman (R) 232  
Alvis Laier (R) 140  
Edwards Township Road Millage Yes No
  259 251
Goodar Township Fire Protection Millage Renewal Yes No
  76 46
Goodar Township Operating Millage Renewal Yes No
  60 62
Klacking Township Trustee Votes  
Jay Weiss (R) 87  
Tami Hickey (R) 100  
Lecretia DeRoso (R) 68  
Klacking Township Treasurer Votes  
Carrie Reetz (R) 124  
Delores Harris (R) 52  
Mills Township Supervisor Votes  
David Ryan (R) 494  
Shane Michael Gamez (R) 196  
Dennis Parent (R) 105  
Mills Township Treasurer Votes  
Mary Moore (R) 330  
Pete Hennard (R) 284  
Diane Prince (R) 178  
Mills Township Trustee    
April Harkey-Mason (R) 131  
Lisa Cotton (R) 169  
Brenda Eymer (R) 187  


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